Today was a lovely spring day, soft and warm and scented with flowers. I got all the analytics reports finished, in spite of needing to help out a couple of clients before I could get started. I had a delicious cup of coffee made for me by the $3,000 DeLonghi coffee machine I received in exchange for a review, since I’m a member of Vine. I had a good chat with a client whose site is over time and over budget, and we ended up with a positive plan. I arranged for a dental appointment and got a dental credit card in case I need it. I skipped a committee meeting and made myself a tasty dinner and had a pleasant evening with my husband.

How was it a bad day? I started the day with a client call which could well have been uncomfortable, and I pushed all the piled-up work aside to finish the analytics reports, leaving me with a backlog of things that are overdue. I had to have a tough conversation with my husband about his unemployment, and he got angry and left the house for a while, and I had to take care of things I hate, like talking with his case worker and filling out forms and making an appointment. I had a bit of a toothache, too, and will probably have to endure some pain around it since that appointment is three weeks into the future. I worked an hour past my start time for my evening routine, didn’t eat dinner till 8:00, and had #1 daughter being cross about the late work. Then I saw that someone else had taken credit for some of my work.

So it was a bad day, or a good day. At the end of the work day, I put some effort into noticing and remembering the good things more than the bad things. I was unhappy and stressed, but I also could see that I had a choice between a pleasant evening and an unpleasant one.