I don’t shop much. I’m not that materialistic, and also I get cool stuff in the mail for free all the time, so I generally buy only things I need. I think.

I might have to revise this belief. Especially since my husband is now unemployed, I think I will have to buy only necessities, and probably I will have to pay attention to price even for that.

However, before he became unemployed, I ordered some bags.


I ordered a knitting bag because the Yarn Harlot, in her book Knitting Rules! made such a compelling case for owning a knitting bag that I went and looked at knitting bags online. I fell in love with multi-hundred-dollar leather ones. Thus, when I saw this Namaste Monroe for $84.00 rather than the usual price, I snapped it up as though I were saving rather than spending. I ordered it in Caribbean Blue, and yes it absolutely does look green.


This will definitely hold my Adiri sweater, along with extra needles, instructions, knit marker, measuring tools, and so forth, and the knitting needles will not poke through the bag, nor will the stitches fall off the needles from being jostled around in a small confined space.

Have I managed to make that sound like a necessity? The next one is clearly a luxury.


It was on sale for a price that makes it seem as though it’s not a luxury.


It also has lots of pockets and a black-and-white striped lining,which I love.


The third bag is a Christmas gift for #1 son, so I might not put a picture of it here. Maybe I’ll come back and do so, because the chances are that he never reads this. I think he’ll love the bag, though. If Clint Eastwood carried a laptop as he rode from town to town, he would totally have carried this one. Half price on Prime Day.

I could look at this as excessive consumption. I could look at it as a last hurrah of pleasurable shopping. I could also look at it as bargains which I needed, and enjoy them.

I’m going to think about that.