So I kicked over the traces in a fit of balance rebellion.

It started harmlessly enough. I hit the post-lunch traffic jam coming back from a meeting near the Walmart corporate offices and decided to stop and have lunch rather than sitting in traffic for half an hour.

A fit, attractive woman there said she had to have a sandwich. “What else would I have?” she demanded of her lunch companions. “A salad? If I had a salad, I’d be starving again by mid-afternoon.”

Peer pressure, even such mild peer pressure, was enough to persuade me to have a half of roasted turkey with avocado. I refused the chips, of course.

I don’t get any points, though. I succumbed to the 99 cent cinnamon roll, with all proceeds donated to a worthy cause. I took it in a box, so I could have it for breakfast the next day, spreading out the evil six, but traffic was still bad, and I ate it in the car while waiting for a chance to turn. DSCN3335

Having used up all the available Evil 6 points, I went right ahead and had pizza with #1 son.

I then baked cookies.

It just seemed normal. A half sandwich, an afternoon sweet, pizza, an oatmeal cookie or two. What’s wrong with that?

A week’s worth of Evil 6 in one day, that’s what.

So today I cleaned out my fridge and restocked it with fruit and veg, lean protein, and — well, that’s it. Cream for husband’s coffee.

I had quite a nice lunch. Roast chicken, fruit, veg. There’s nothing wrong with this lunch, is there? Nothing to rebel against.