nutrition_propaganda_poster I’m through with Ignite and on Balance. I learned this yesterday when I opened the DailyBurn window and discovered that I had been promoted to Balance. I felt tremendously excited by this. I opened my phone app and saw that, yes, I had in fact been given Evil 6 points to use.

I immediately ordered pizza.

#1 son came over to help me eat it. We discussed literature and he asked me whether I thought our family was not very close because of the way we were brought up, or because of something genetic.

I think our family is close.  I talk with my daughters pretty much every day, meet my dad for breakfast once a week, and see #1 son several times a week. #2 son, it is true, doesn’t communicate much with us when he’s away at college, but I know so many people who dislike their families or see them only on major holidays that I figure we’re pretty close.

If #1 son doesn’t feel that way, then perhaps I should do something different.

#1 daughter stayed here for a few days while she was moving, and it was nice to have her and also to have her little dog. He’s a little Yorkie dog, and very affectionate, and he plays with the other dogs. They are older, and don’t play much any more, left to their own devices. They also don’t come and ask to be picked up and in fact you can’t pick them up and cuddle them like a baby because they are much too big.

I may go see #1 daughter’s new place today. She’s excited about it. She also signed us up for the gym together.

I was hesitant about that. It’s hard for me to get my work done as it is, and I’ve invested quite a bit in my home-gym arrangements. However, I definitely need to step up my activity, and my plans for hiking and walking the dogs and such aren’t making much progress toward reality. Last time I belonged to a gym I went quite faithfully.

So I plan today to finish up the leftover work from the week, go see #1 daughter’s new place, go grocery shopping, clean house, and finish up #1 daughter’s scarf. I intend to make a good, well-planned grocery list so that I don’t simply return to my previous ways and end up with a house full of the Evil 6. I’m afraid to weigh myself this morning as it is.

I also plan to do some sewing this weekend. I have come up with a great SWAP plan for spring. The distance between dress sizes is about 25 pounds, a SWAP is 11 pieces, I could conceivably complete one garment a week and have a full SWAP in 11 weeks, and I might be down one dress size by then. If I start with blouses, which don’t need to be all that carefully fitted, and then do skirts and pants, which can be easily altered, then I should know what size to make the jackets by the time I get there.

First, however, I plan to make a new nightgown and a new comforter for my bedroom. Nothing like being stuck in bed for a few days to motivate you to update your bedding and nightwear. I bought a few yards of Norfolk Rose and will make some decisions today and get started.