Here’s Bambara, a Basque sweater from La Drogerie. Except that it might be not a sweater in the basque style, but a sweater with a basque — a bodice. “Le « Bambara » est une langue africaine,” La Droguerie’s website explains. “Une belle journée et j’habille mon bébé en été avec ce pull. On se laisse bercer par la douce musique africaine…”

Here’s the back, with the prettiest shell buttons.

The yarn is « Bossa-Nova », a linen and bamboo blend, in the color way “Santa Rosa.” It is very sleek and shiny, though a little rough feeling. It splits horribly. I love the look, but it’s not fun to work with. It’s like knitting with a lock of hair.

 Yarn, pattern, and buttons were all in the kit from La Droguerie. It comes in adult sizes as well.

Mine is more like a dress than a pullover, probably because I had enough yarn to do that.