Bambara, the Basque pull I knitted with a kit from La Droguerie, is being modeled by The Baby. She is wearing it with simple black leggings and looks downright chic.

Her grandpa is holding her.Here’s the Bambara on its own:

The plan for today was to take the grandkids to Oktoberfest at church. #1 Son, DIL, #1 Daughter, the Good Ol’ Boy, and all relevant children were planning to enjoy a root beer tasting and wiener dog racing, plus chicken dancing, apparently a German folk custom.

After church, I got a call from #1 Daughter telling me that DIL’s mother had put the kibosh on the plan. “If it’s today,” her brother had texted her, “we can’t come.” No interference in DIL’s mother’s birthday plans could be tolerated, it seems, including a month-long commitment most recently discussed on Friday.

We thought that root beer and wiener dogs might not enchant a one month old baby as much as they would elementary school children.

So #1 Daughter and the Baby and I went shopping instead. We went to the baby store and bought leggings and headbands. We then went to the fabric store and bought materials to make more of the same, plus dresses. Extremely frou-frou dresses.

I came home, #1 Daughter fed and cleaned up the Baby, Grandpa got to play with said baby, and I settled in for a peaceful evening of knitting and reading.

It’s possible that I will enjoy that more than I would chicken dancing. We’ll never know.