First thing in the morning I do 30 minutes of Wii Fit. I have  a step to put the balance board and and I pop in a DVD and climb stairs, basically, for half an hour. By the time I finish, I’m awake and I’ve done some exercise, no matter what else happens that day.

I’ve been watching Terry Jones’s Barbarians. This is an entertaining series of documentaries about European history, and I’ve learned a lot. There’s plenty of footage of landscapes and ruins and reenactments, but sometimes there are scenes of modern people, and often when they’re attacked, Jones uses motorcycles to show it.

The people of ancient Syracuse, for example, got too cocky about the clever devices Archimedes had come up with for them, and so they left their sea walls unguarded during a festival. This information is voiced over cheerful Sicilians drinking beer, with motorcycles riding in when the attack by Marcellus is described.

I try not to feel that way about the annual biker rally here in the town where I live.

It gets noisy for about five days, the traffic is fiendish, and the dogs’ insane barking adds to the difficulty of sleeping with all that vroom vrooming going on. My husband, and plenty of other local people, find the bikers interesting and their vehicles intriguing. He enjoys the music and the barbecue and likes to roam among the crowds and look at their wares.

I’ve never been. Every year I sort of think that I might, and then I have to drive to and from class surrounded by noisy motorcycles driven by scary-looking people —

And see, right there I’m doing it again. The quaint costumes of the cyclist shouldn’t make them scary. I know they’re not scary, in fact. They’re mostly older people who presumably hold down responsible jobs all year so they can take a week off to come here and enjoy our town for their vacation. They’re going to the museums and staying in the hotels and inexplicably driving up and down the road I live on and shattering the quiet of a Sunday morning–

I’m doing it again.

This is the second largest motorcycle rally in the nation, with 400,000 or so visitors, all riding large motorcycles. They can’t be expected to be quiet.

So yesterday, instead of going out to admire the bikers and the bikes (or even the blues and barbecue, which I would probably enjoy), I did the tasks on the HGP. I cleaned the master bath and knitted Christmas gifts (worked on Henry, looking nice on the right) and looked for Christmas cards to order.

I also made hermits, a nice Victorian cookie made with brown sugar, coffee, spice, raisins, and nuts. These will go into the freezer for Christmas cookie boxes.

It’s Kids Room Week at the HGP this week, and I no longer have kids at home, so I will get the blue room ready for #2 son and his friends, who are coming to visit in a couple of weeks. We should get another batch of goodies into the freezer, along with a meal for busy days during the holidays. We should work on handmade gifts for an hour each day and stock the guest bath with sample size products so our houseguests will have everything they might need.