I went to the grandson’s basketball game this morning. It was fun. They don’t keep score, all the children had fun, and the granddaughter had brought along her new plastic dinosaur, whose name is “TRexEatAllthePeople.”

She had Gatorade during the game and afterwards she and all the children fell upon large boxes of doughnuts and frosted cookies #1 son had brought for them.

I like sweets, I have to admit, but the sheer quantity of sugar being consumed was a bit shocking. Then DIL told her friend that the grandson gets up early to read and her friend responded that it was okay if he was big enough to reach the Pop-Tarts.

I remember at the church potluck that took place during my Whole 30 how I took meat and salad and then discovered that everything seemed ti have been made with sugar. I think I am hyper-conscious now of the enormous amounts of sugar in the typical American diet.

In any case, I came home and tidied under the kitchen sink and in the pantry. Then I finished hemming a 3/4 sleeved knit top and brought out the Interim Wardrobe to check.


#1daughter helped me find a good neutral jacket at T.J. Maxx for practically nothing, saying that a neutral jacket with a bunch of different tops would not look as though I were wearing the same thing all the time. I sewed a couple of pairs of neutral pants and found a pale blue pair in the back of my closet.


I found/made/bought at clearance a nice little collection of shirts and tops in pink/blue/red.


  • 1 gray jacket
  • 3 pairs pants, black and beige
  • 1 pair blue jeans
  • 2 sleeveless tops, red and blue
  • 4 shirts: pink, pale blue, darker blue, pink and blue stripe
  • 1 pink gauze tunic
  • 1 blue print cotton tunic
  • 1 blue knit top

I think this will do it. I’m not being precise about using this season’s Pantone colors, but I’m not far away, either.