It’s the last day of August and I want to complete my goals for the month. I’ve accomplished most of the work goals but I also wanted to finish the Basque Pull from La Droguerie. I have done the front and nearly finished the first half of the back, mostly while binge watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

I don’t think I’ll finish it today, though I am here alone dog-sitting #2 daughter’s dog.

They painted the floors in the hallways yesterday. The entire hallway is festooned with caution tape, traffic cones, and cans of paint. I was not able to take the dog for her walk last night.

I did eventually have to go down and get the food box, though. When I went downstairs to go to bed I discovered that I had tracked paint onto the floor of the apartment. Cleaning adventures are ahead of me.

But I didn’t go swimming this morning and I am hopeful that they’ll clear the hallways enough for me to walk the dog before she is driven to making messes on the floor.

As for the Basque Pull, it’s charming. It buttons up the back. I’m knitting it in La Droguerie’s bamboo/linen mix, Bossa Nova, colorway Santa Rosa.