Some people think of a bathroom upgrade as new wallpaper, fixtures, paint, and flooring.

I think a new set of really good thick towels counts.

Also a new Eileen West nightgown and a wonderful Turkish toweling bathrobe.

I consider these the top of their class.

It’s easy to make nightgowns, but I have believed for decades that Eileen West makes the best nightgowns. My last one got so work out that one of the sleeves tore. So, after wearing it like that for months and planning to make a new one, I bought a new one instead. It’s cotton lawn with a deep ruffle and bracelet-length sleeves.

And the bathrobe is the kind you get in spas and high-end hotels.

I also have new high-thread-count sheets.

Will this make me sleep better or be more meticulous about skin and hair care? We shall see.