New Year’s Day was a rainy day, and I spent it feeling drowsy. I made my Clearing list, cleared out the pantry, undressed the tree, took the dog for a walk, did a Vine review, had a chat with #2 son, and redid the first half of the first sleeve of #2 daughter’s Christmas sweater.

7600 steps. Salmon, wild rice, and roast carrot for dinner. I also got in 7600 steps. I had whole wheat waffles with berries for brunch. Salmon, wild rice, and roast carrot for dinner.

Today I did 10 hours of work — 84% productivity, and RescueTime really doesn’t get research so it was probably better than that — and still got in 5800 steps and broccoli for dinner. I feel as though I’m starting pretty well, though not perfectly.

Case in point: pecan roll midafternoon.

Now I’m moving on to the knitting again, cozy in bed with Doc Martin on Netflix.