Last night I lurched around tidying up my living room so I could welcome #1 son and his family over today. They showed up with treats from our local bakery and we had conversation and played Apples to Apples. It was very nice.

After that I got back to the Forestfox sweater while binge-watching The Catch.

I’m still dizzy, but I feel more optimistic. I can do some things, assuming I give myself enough time and tolerate feeling dizzy. #1 son suggested I could even use the treadmill, since it has rails to hold onto. I will look into getting it fixed.

He also picked out a sweater for me to make for him. #2 son had suggested that he would like a sweater from Wilderness Knits, and that was correct. So I ordered the yarn for it, brekaing my cold sheep vow. Presents don’t count, though, right?

I really enjoyed the day.

I can enjoy a sedentary day, I see.