One of my work-related goals over the past few years has been to take one week of vacation in the summer and one in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. This year I do not have any of my kids staying with me during this time, for the first time in many years, so I could easily get back to work today. My husband went back to work last night and is sleeping now, and I think I probably will write blog posts and clean my office.

But I also want to spend some time in thinking about 2019. I have chosen my Word of the Year: Prosper. I feel like this allows me to focus on fiscal fitness, a high priority as a result of my medical debt and my husband’s IRS adventures. At the same time, it doesn’t trigger my negative attitudes toward focusing on money. After all, people prosper in many senses. If you prosper, you do well and thrive. It doesn’t have to be a dismal year of deprivation or a tedious and tacky focus on money. The Bible also tells us that we can prosper by gaining wisdom and following God’s word, not by putting ourselves first.

I have my Unraveling the Year workbook and will probably spend some time with that as well as in blogging and cleaning my office. And I may go ahead and take some more time for knitting, as I have a couple more gifts in mind for people I won’t see till the New Year.

This can be a lull, if not a vacation. Or a vacation during which I’m allowed but not required to work if I care to.