We had our first performance last night, and will have the last one tonight. We shared dinner — lasagne, salad, and cheesecake — before the show. It was a convivial meal. We shared a prayer before the show, too. People spoke about making new friends and having a. chance to share a powerful story.

I think I might have participated in those things a little bit. I also got a fair amount of my second Ravinia done.

Today I slept in, went back to bed with a cup of tea and read a bit, then dressed in comfy chinos and a HotPatterns Shirt Tail T. I went to the grocery store and made a Blueberry Mousse Cake. I’m not sure “cake” is the right word, though I suppose it is close to a cheesecake. I put it into the fridge to chill and I now have six hours to work on the Geo-Snow.

I cleaned the kitchen a bit and will do a bit more of that, but my plan is to watch Dead to Me on Netflix and knit. I have six hours till the show.

That should be enough to time to relax and be refreshed.