The conference weekend was fun. I learned some things and met some people I enjoyed talking with. I was coerced into going to a party in a bar and didn’t really enjoy it, though I got into a conversation with a nice woman who had a fascinating work history. She was a church youth leader, worked in an STD clinic, and now sells scrubs. We had a far-ranging conversation on all those things.

With my daughters I also had conversations about feminism, backward compatibility, and why Hillary Clinton dresses so badly.

No sightseeing, but plenty of delicious and nutritious food. Chicken, salmon, avocado-tomato hash. Roasted vegetables everywhere.

I also ate cookies and chips and drank alcohol — because they were there. It’s Negroni week, when bars and restaurants nationwide donate $1 for each Negroni ordered to charity, so I had a couple of those. One with grapefruit.

A Negroni is Campari, gin, and vermouth. I like Campari quite a bit. However, alcohol is one of the Evil 6 that I can easily do without, so I rarely drink. Broadly speaking, I can also resist gluten and dairy. Artificial sweeteners and soy are also easy to avoid.

Sugar is the one that gives me trouble. I have yet to overcome my sweet tooth, and that may be the thing I have to conquer if I am to reach my weight loss goal. Since I don’t eat sugar out of the bag, sweets tend to bring in gluten or dairy. As in the delicious key lime dessert at Seasons.


Chips? I ate two little bags of them at the conference, and I don’t even particularly like them. They were there.

So I think that physically keeping the Evil 6 out of my house may be key. That and stepping up my exercise. I was doing the Daily Burn 365 pretty faithfully every day, but then my husband’s class ended and now I am not alone in the house to do my exercise. I still do 30 minutes of Wii Fit every morning, but I need the core and strength training.

I can do it.