We met with a new guy taking over for one of our oldest clients. Speaking almost entirely in metaphors for two hours, he told us that he plans on a meteoric rise for the company and asked whether we were capable of keeping up.

Can we grow our company at that rate? Do we want to?

In this particular case, we don’t know exactly what this will mean for us, but it resonated with me because it is not the first time that I’ve felt like I don’t know how we’d do bigger things if we wanted to. When I look at content marketing by Kraft or social media by Walmart, I see them doing much the same things we do — though they certainly do more with graphics than we do. But clients who want bigger increases in traffic don’t need to hear, “Hey, Jell-O has been doing this for 100 years. Give it time!”

They need a bigger plan.

We’ve also been looking at a platform that seems to offer opportunities for significantly more volume. That’s another direction we could go in if we feel like focusing on growth next year.

So this week…


Third week in a row that I’ve had a meeting or more each day. You can see what happened to my activity level and to my food tracking. I also definitely succumbed to stress eating, didn’t get enough sleep, and got things done just on the panic edge of deadlines — or after.

This is not how I like to live.

Apart from that, it was a good week. I have a lot to do today, but I also have the house to myself and plan to take advantage of the fact.

Not sure how, exactly.

I need to do the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, housework ditto, and I have to sew a banner for church tomorrow (see panic edge of deadlines above). I really want to get #2 son’s Christmas sweater done so I can mail it to him. I absolutely must exercise. There’s definitely work piled up as well.

Much of the stuff I need to do is peaceful sitting and resting. With any luck, much of it will also be solitary, so I can recharge my mental batteries a bit before plunging into the holidays.