There it is: the first red leaf of the year.

You know what that means. Our town is filled with bikers

I’ve already written about the noise and the numbers, the lack of sleep and the local response. I don’t think I have anything new to say unless I actually go to the festival, which I have never done.

I have work to do today, and housework, and knitting, so I might not go today either. Today is the last day for the master bedroom on the HHP, and I didn’t get to my ordinary weekly cleaning last week. You can’t put that off indefinitely.

I did order my Christmas cards, and a couple of presents.

The Science of the Discworld is discussing the difference between life and its absence. It’s not that big a deal, the authors figure. Ribosomes seem to them to be at the core of it all. Just a matter of time, really, before any given universe makes the jump from inorganic chemistry to organic.

They’ve also been discussing the fourth dimension and topology. I have always had some trouble with that, frankly.

In the novel part of the book, Vetinari and a visitor from Roundworld are settling into the courtroom where science and religion are preparing to fight over Roundworld. I think that the math and biology in the science section are intended to show that life, in the scheme of things, is not that impressive. We are mere three dimensional beings whose perception of the universe is partial and primitive, so we think we’re all that. Having persuaded ourselves of our own impressiveness, it is but a step to imagining God.

Of course, having persuaded ourselves of our own impressiveness, we are also but a step from deciding that we are autonomous and that there is no God.

I have a bunch of Kindle novels. Once I get my work done, I might do some lolling around reading and knitting.