I’ve been trying out Bitesnap, food tracking app.  I found the DailyBurn app (I think it was called Blaance) very helpful — it required taking a photo and then inputting the count of Evil 6.

This one doesn’t do Evil 6. It identified and calculates macros and a whole bunch of other nutrients you can choose. You want to improve your zinc intake? You can do it.

You just take a photo. The app offers you choices — are those cherries on the plate? Just click. You can search for things not on the list. It takes just seconds to click quantities and prep. The app uses your choices to calculate your intake.

You can add new foods. I should do so for my super pancakes — the protein and fiber averages shown below would probably be on target if I had done so instead of just accepting the basic whole wheat pancake item.

I’ve used it for a week and I can see clearly that I’m under on fiber and protein and waaaay over on sugars. You can see the averages of the past 7 days, or of longer periods.

The day above was fine for breakfast and lunch, but dinner was about speed and comfort. Lemon Oreos for gouter? No excuse for that.

My macros are pretty good, but the photos show too many simple carbs: pasta, bread, cookies. I  know there should be half a plate of produce, plus a palm-sized piece of lean protein. Whole grains for breakfast and maybe some nuts.

I haven’t figured out how to save things with the correct time stamp, so meals get smushed together.

However, it’s good to be able to snap a picture and then put in the details later.

I will see if this can help me get back on track for the Evil 6. At least, it should help me stay conscious of what I’m eating when things are crazy busy.