DIL did some Black Friday shopping, and there was some Black Friday ecommerce going on, but mostly we had Crafts Day. I made breakfast casseroles, sausage, and biscuits, and we tried out some weaving. This was the idea of #2 son’s gf. I’m glad she thought of it. We had never tried weaving, and it was fun. I got a book, Weaving within Reach, which includes projects with no loom, projects with home made looms, and projects with commercial looms. I brought out a couple of bins of yarn and #2 son cut up the cardboard.
Here’s a tweed cowl.
Here’s another, with chenille. These require a cardboard loom. I might make one of these myself.
Here’s a start on a cushion, using pink linen for the fabric and Aran weight wool for the weaving.