#1 daughter, La Bella, Egypt, and I went to see Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit. He wrote it during a spell of financial difficulty, hoping to cheer up Brits during the Blitz. It was quite funny.

Stop reading if you want to be surprised.

The actors at the local university did a good job. The hero finds himself living with one and then two ghostly wives. Sort of thing that could happen to anyone, right?

The set was done in cerise and butter yellow and the ghosts were dressed in pale lavender. Really quite a pretty pallet. The clothes had narrow hips (as did the actresses) and broad shoulders and the actors smoked and drank a lot. We were in the second row, so we got the full effect.

There was music — “A Fine Romance,” “Always,” and the like. The special effects were fun, too. I liked the ghost showing up in a painting, even though I know how it’s done.

Live theater is rare nowadays, relatively speaking, but it’s wonderful.

I came home and watched the film version with Donald Sutherland and Margaret Rutherford (oddly shaped, that woman). Most of the movie was taken up with food and drink in moany picturesque spots with lots of lovely dishes. The coffeepots alone are worth watching the move.