I pinched my finger in the closet door and I now have a gruesome looking blood blister. It's black and gray, not colors I normally see in my skin.

It hurts quite a bit.

I did this while walking around to my husband's side of the bed in the middle of the night to adjust the wall heater. I tripped on his nest of wires, put out my hand to steady myself, and pinched my finger.

This morning I thought, what if I had instead tripped, fallen, and hit my head on the corner of the hope chest? Would I have lain there helpless in a coma until finally… Well, actually, that doesn't seem likely. But I wondered.

Just as with burns, it turns out, you just ignore blood blisters and they heal themselves under the protective but nasty-looking blister.

It hurts to type, knit, and sew.

Update: The weird black thing came off on Feb 9th and by the 13th it didn't hurt any more. There's still a hole or at least a depression but it's basically healed.