I’m still working on my Fall Collection planning, of course, but I also intended to get all the main pieces of the second Bouvier Jacket sewn together this weekend so I could work on the fiddly bits in the evenings. I had done so, and it’s a good fit and looking good.

Then I realized that I had sewn one of the sleeves backwards. Taking it out took hours, so it didn’t get sewn back in.

I got back to Sunday School and choir, did some baking, visited my daughter and her babies, mopped the floor, did the laundry, got a good ways on the Family Book Club book, and knitted up most of the body of George the dog.

A friend in choir said she had had a busy summer and enjoyed it, but it lacked structure. “I need structure,” she said. I think I do, too.

I need unstructured space and time as well. Rhythm or balance, perhaps.

My grand baby calls me “Corner.” That’s as near as she can get the “Grandma.” She said that to me today. She bounced across the sofa and gave me a big hug and kiss, put her hand on my collarbone and said, “Corner.” Then, looking at the photo of my husband and sons, she said, “Pop-pop. Uncle.”

But I’m Corner.