A big box of yarn arrived yesterday, because yes of course I took advantage of that KnitPicks sale. I have yarn enough in here for three sweaters. I could say that I have half my Christmas shopping done now.

I also got some books: a sock knitting book which I think will be super useful, though I must finish my Boxy Socks before I start any new socks, The Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules!, and the new and expanded edition of Alice Starmore’s classic Aran Knitting.

Check out some work from that last book on knitting blogs:

I am obviously tempted to cast on for one of those sweaters right away. However, I am fairly determined to make that shawl in time for cool weather. Making a lace shawl plus an Aran sweater would be two epic projects. I follow the rule of Epic and Zombie projects: one of each. Boxy Socks are a zombie project, so I can go ahead and cast on for the shawl while finishing the socks, but once those socks are finished, the next knitting project must be a zombie project.

I think Adiri might be a zombie project. I’ve made two and it’s pretty comfortable for me now.


The pattern has large sizes, and it starts at the bottom, so perhaps I can adjust the size later if I end up too small for the size I start with before I finish it, if you see what I mean. I think it would be lovely in the pink or in the Mai Tai heather for autumn.

There are also the SWAP projects and classes, of course, but there’s no reason not to have a sweater on the needles, right?