I’m back at work. Easing into it, but working. The truth is, I’m not ready to get back to work. I have been wanting to not-work for some time now, and I still want to not-work. I need some new vision or perspective or goals or something to stop feeling like it’s the daily grind and start feeling excited again.

I think I need to schedule vacations for 2015. I came close to having vacations in 2014; I had less-work days and travel. That was good, but I think I need real, actual, not at work not available vacations once or twice a year. The current workload is enough that I don’t have learning time and recharging time during my work week, so I have to schedule it. That can be one of my early thoughts for 2015.

Today, however, there should be a bit of festivity left. #2 daughter is still here and the #1s are expected to come by. I have a client meeting this afternoon and must prepare for it, and I need to clean up the house for that, too. Apart from these essentials, though, I still plan to take as much time off as possible.