These are the Boxy Socks from Sarah White’s Colorwork Knitting knitted with KnitPicks Essential sock yarn. The slip stitch pattern was fun and easy to knit, but doesn’t really have the elasticity you need for socks. These are slouchy socks, which can be comfy and cozy but will always tend to fall down and look less than sharp.

I don’t always need to look sharp, as it happens, so I am happy with them.

It’s also good to cross something off my crafting to-do list.

I’m still working on my ill-fated SWAP 2015, but I also have a couple of Craftsy classes I planned to finish this summer. Knitting these socks has also made me feel like knitting more socks.

The space between projects always feels ripe with possibility. There are so many things I could make, each offering its own collection of pleasures and benefits. Whether it’s the fun of knitting something challenging or trying out a new technique, the addition of a new item to my wardrobe, the excitement of learning a new skill, or the soothing work of quilting or plain knitting, there is something enjoyable in my future. Choosing among the options is itself a pleasure worth spreading out a bit.