Our sons got in tonight in time for dinner, which La Bella brought. It’s always wonderful to see them, and I think it will be comforting to have them at the service.

#1 daughter pointed out that the things I’m experiencing — crying, not wanting to get up in the morning, dreading the day — are normal signs of sadness and grief, as well as signs of less-normal depression. I’m assuming that these feelings, when they take place between the death and the memorial service of a close family member, are more towards normal grief than toward abnormal depression, but I agreed to talk with someone if I didn’t feel better next week.

The parts like avoiding attending church because someone might be sympathetic and then I might cry and feel embarrassed sounded to her more like agoraphobia, which I suffer from a bit.

She’s very insightful. I’m just looking forward to getting back to normal. Having the family here should help.