boys My sons are both home and I’m hanging out and listening to them talk about soccer, healthy food, and beer.

I’ve been sick. I’ve started the first several days coughing up a walnut of nasty substances. Yesterday afternoon it felt as though my brain had been invaded. My eyes wouldn’t focus, my head wouldn’t stay up, and there was a lot of coughing, sneezing, sniffling, moaning, and groaning. I had to lie down. After drifting in and out of sleep for a while I gathred enough strength to take a hot bath with mineral salts and herbs. It helped a bit.

By 5:00 this morning I was able to get up and finish grading papers. Then I taught my class, picked up #2 son, and headed for a meeting with Janalisa. I think it will be a very satisfying project. It’s a little museum specializing in medical history. We strolled around looking at 19th century surgical implements, ancient pharmaceuticals, an iron lung, and a collection of salt and pepper shakers. Among other things.

I came on home, ordered some pizza, and have been hanging out since then. Coughing a bit, but it’s not too bad.

Tomorrow, #1 daughter is coming over for breakfast before #2 son goes to play in an Ultimate tournament. It’s great to have him here.