My Spoonflower order arrived, Coincidentally, I got an email ad showing this trio of colors:

I resisted the temptation to order yarn, but I think this grouping of periwinkle, blue green, and gray will be my Spring 2022 DYW palette.

I auditioned a few other things with the new fabrics, and I like navy and pink with these, too. I’m not sure what other fabrics I have that might work, but we don’t start DYW this year till the 28th, so I am not going to get serious about shopping my stash till then.

Also, I am still too dizzy for normal life. I was diagnosed with BPV, possibly caused by the kidney biopsy. I have exercises to do to fix it. Unfortunately, those exercises are very nauseating. They make the room spin, like old movies where a newspaper spins around before they show the headline. Yesterday the exercises made me throw up — like, in the middle of doing the exercises — and then I couldn’t keep anything down for the rest of the day.

By evening my blood sugar was down to 86. The diabetes educator cautioned me not to go to bed with low blood sugar for fear of slipping into a diabetic coma while I slept, so I was pretty nervous about that. I took a banana to bed with me and had a bite each time I woke during the night, and I survived.

I probably don’t need to think I’m going to die as often as I do, actually. Many people are way worse off than I am.

However, I can’t walk the dog or clean my house or drive or indeed do anything much besides working, reading, and knitting. I’m getting sick of being an invalid.

With any luck, the exercises will solve the BPV and give me back my normal life.

My A1C was actually normal (non-diabetic) at my check up and my kidney function has even improved just a little bit.

I’d rather think about spring colors.

However, I have not yet done my exercises for the day. I have to do them three times, so I had better get going with that. It’s hard to do it knowing that I will be throwing up for the rest of the day, but perhaps the end of all this is in sight.