Here’s my lunch. I was very energetic and happy at lunchtime, and all this nice protein and produce should have kept me on track for further energy and happiness, but in fact my brain seems to have shut down. I can’t think of awesome blog topics or anything.

I’ve done five highly productive hours already (eight hours total at the computer, but there have been phone conversations and RescueTime doesn’t believe that social media is part of my job), I wrote several blog posts and edited several more, I made a multi-thousand-dollar sale, caught up on social media, and helped a number of people. I just have a couple of blog posts that need to be done for tomorrow and I have twenty minutes of work, so I should be able to get a bit more real work done before I pack up, but for some reason, my brain is not cooperating. It’s so close to the end of an excellently productive workday, I don’t want to give up.

It occurs to me that perhaps my brain isn’t getting enough glucose. Brains like glucose, and that fuel comes from carbohydrates. Apparently, pear and cucumber on a bed of super greens are insufficient. My brain probably needs hot wholemeal bread with butter and honey, a nice croissant, or perhaps chocolate.

Enough excuses. I now have only ten minutes left of my workday, so maybe I can come up with exciting titles for those two blog posts, if nothing else.