This months' KLL challenges include finishing my sweater and knitting a toy, but also watching movies that include knitting. I started with Grace and Frankie, which includes a scene in which Saul unconvincingly shows off a basket of knitting in the form of a pussy hat.

That however was serendipitous and not on the official list. The first item on the official list is Breakfast at Tiffany's. Can you see that Audrey Hepburn used a lamp sconce for a yarn bowl in the picture above?

She's knitting, though she might have mixed up her knitting pattern and a blueprint for a ranch house. She's listening to Portuguese lessons at the same time.

She has a very nice sweater on, too, a boxy raglan with a wide turtle neck. A good style for a skinny girl.

I'd never seen the movie before, nor read the book. I knew several young women in college who related to Holly Golightly. Having seen the movie, I have to say that I see no similarities.

I had never heard from anyone about the racist Mickey Rooney scenes. They made the strongest impression on me.