Lunch is fish and salad. Dinner is lean protein and vegetables. Snacks are nuts and vegetables, maybe a little fruit. Whole30 can’t scare me from noon on.

But breakfast is another issue. Breakfast is whole grains time. Waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, crusty rolls alongside scrambled eggs and melon. The last bastion of the yummy.

Because Brussels sprouts may be flavorful and nutritious, but they are not yummy. Whole30 breakfasts range from omelets filled with vegetables to frittatas filled with vegetables. Eggs, in other words, and vegetables. Or leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, if chicken and vegetables sounds more delectable first thing in the morning.

This could be the deal-breaker.

I don’t believe that I have any trouble with grains. I like whole grains. I make high protein pancakes and waffles, and they satisfy me till lunch time even when lunch time is late. I don’t think that switching from waffles to frittata will change my life for the better.

Can I live without grains for a month? Probably. I guess.

I have planned my 30 days to start on 1/22. I’ll be through with it in time for my birthday and Easter.