Janalisa came over this morning and sang some of this song for me. She’s the soloist for this piece in the Christmas cantata at her church (the Downhill church, in case you happen to know the saga of the Uphill and Downhill churches. I see that some people still come over from Xanga…). In any case, it was very pretty with her singing, and I realized that I hav e never included this song in my musical Advent Calendar, so here it is.

There are actually a lot of good songs about Mary, and quite a few from her point of view. It’s a good story, after all; quite amazing and worthy of contemplation.

I remember Party Girl, during one of our Catholic/Protestant discussions, talking about how comforting it was for her as a mother to pray to Mary. We don’t do that, but she may be easier for us to imagine and understand than some of the other people in the story.

We had coffee cake. I had presented it as a healthy snack, since I had made it with whole wheat flour, almonds, fresh cranberries, oranges, and ginger. Also sour cream, butter, and sugar, but I didn’t mention that. In fact, at one point I had to admit that I had also folded in some leftover whipped cream and I became slightly embarrassed about having acted like it was healthy.

It was tasty, though.

#1 daughter came over then, and we headed off to a business meeting. Then I came home and did more writing, followed by putting up the Christmas tree with #1 son. Both my #1 kids told me about their most recent romances, which we don’t do a whole lot in our family.

It was a nice day all in all. I have a naked Christmas tree in the living room now, and a large stack of Christmas books. I have put up wreaths and hung stockings. It’s beginning, as the song says, to look a lot like Christmas.