We were driving up from KC to Omaha, debating which Subway to stop at for lunch, when we saw a sign leading to Historic Brownville, Nebraska. We were in Iowa at the time, but we saw that Brownville had a restaurant called Lyceum which also sold books.

Obviously we had to go there.

I bought one book only, but we also had quiche, fruit, and pie for dessert. Good honest home style cooking.

It was a wonderful, quirky place. They closed at 2:00 p.m., which is just about when we left.

We had been intending to visit the zoo in Omaha, but we decided instead to explore Brownville.

Mr. Brown named the town aftyer himself, and the first homestead application in the country was filed here. We were able to go into an early cabin.

It was a lot like any other log cabin.

It did contain a super cute Santa Claus quilt, which I may copy.

And there were rather creative chairs on the porch. Maybe it was this sort of thing that made Brownville the cultural center the sign said it was.

There were more recent historic buildings as well, and a whole bunch of museums, all closed.

Brownville seems to  close up around noon. The local winery was open, though.

We went for a tasting and bought a few bottles on wine.  The tasting barn had, like many of the other buildings in Brownville, a quilt block on its side.

Most were traditional quilt blocks, but this shed had something different.

Many of the buildings were dilapidated.

We asked our waitress at the Lyceum what people did in Brownville, and she seemed uncertain. A lot of the buildings are weekend homes for people in neighboring towns, apparently.


There seemed to be a good deal of cottage industry, at least until noon.

Visit Brownville if you find yourself there. Go in the morning.