I am back to my healthy habits, but I’m also mixing things up a little. For example, this week I have added Brussels sprouts to my menu. I bought a pretty bag of little green globes, sliced some in half, and roasted them alongside steak and potatoes last night. They were not bad at all.

The point really is to quit relying on salad greens, tomatoes (yes, I’m calling them a vegetable), broccoli, carrots and cukes for all my veggies. To broaden my experience and make the whole eating mostly vegetables thing more exciting than it has hitherto been.

Brussels sprouts were cultivated in Medieval times in Belgium and introduced to the U.S. by Californian farmers in the 1920s, along with talking pictures and bias cut charmeuse evening gowns.

brusslesproutnutr The article where I found this information had a section on “cultural practices,” but this did not mean the quaint folkways of the sprouts, nor even the operas and tapestries they inspired, so I will skip that part.

They are quite nutritious, though.

I figure adding new veggies, workouts, and whatnot to my routine will keep me improving and moving closer to my goal of optimum health.

We had a meetup tonight. It was fun and I met some nice new people. I have really improved my attitude toward meetings, enough so that when I said I wasn’t good at networking, people disagreed with me. In fact, I set up a lunch date for next week.

Soon, like the little Brussels sprouts, I will enjoy hanging out in clusters and groups.