lillies The lilies are blooming in my back yard. We planted some in the front as well, and they didn’t make it. Perhaps they needed more sun.

In any case, tha patio is now perfumed with the heady scent of roses and lilies, lavender and Thai basil. And of course dogs.

As soon as I have time, I am going to arrange the patio for maximum pleasantness so we can take advantage of it before the heat becomes too oppressive.

I do not currently have time. The meetings and other excitement of the past week pushed the big website I’m writing onto the weekend, and I am spending the entire weekend reorganzing this giant website, with Netflix in the background.

Not that bad a way to spend a weekend, though the suspense of whether or not I’ll finish is not great.

The time crunch was, I think, mostly because of meetings — and that is becoming ever more part of my daily reality — but it was also in part the result of my having burned my fingers last weekend.
blister WebMD says clearly not to break blisters when you’ve been burned. This seems counter-intuitive. Wouldn’t you want to drain away whatever that nasty fluid is?

Actually, the blisters cushion the wound below the top layer of skin. If you could just rest and let your body heal, the blisters would keep the burn safe while it healed.

In real life, or at least in the real life of my hands, that doesn’t happen. The blisters break and then the wound is subject to all kinds of painful stuff. blisters

Super unpleasant.

I’ve worn bandaids some of the time — and of course it was great to have a chance to use my Shakespearean insult bandaids. My husband has some ointment they gave him at work. I don’t know whether either of those things has helped at all.

Apart from that,it has been a good week. Lots of interesting work to do. A couple of good leads and opportunities. Positive meetings. Completion of some projects. Progress on our own new website.

Not as much progress, on my part, as I’d like. I have to finish up some of our paid projects before I can really consider anything internal.

I have been able to think about it, though, and it may be that the additional thought will pay off.