Christmas is coming, even though I’m not ready. I punked out on the Holiday Grand Plan, went on vacation for a week, and have been swamped at work. So I still have presents ordered but not arrived yet, I have only a dozen or so cookies in the freezer, and my house and car are both messes.

We had our last choir practice of the year last night. I haven’t done a musical advent calendar for myself this year, after having made this a custom for — maybe a decade.

This is what we’re singing on Sunday, the last Sunday of Advent:

It’s very beautiful. The rehearsal was fun and friendly, though there were quite a few concerns mentioned during prayer requests.

#1 daughter and I had a two hour meeting with a designer. A project has gotten snarled up, but we hope it will be sorted. The littlest Little came along and the bigger Little stayed with my husband. She pulled tags and bows off the presents under the tree. He sent her to the corner, where she immediately started saying, “I good girl.”

“No, you’re not,” he said, and made her stay there for a minute or two.

I’ll be watching them today while #1 daughter meets with a client. We have lots of proposals and meetings and discussions going on. That’s good — it means we’ll start the year working happily. But it’s keeping us busy. Maybe I’ll bake some cookies today while I mind the girls.