Well, I am, of course. I’m finishing up the second sleeve of #1 son’s sweater. It will be too hot for him to wear it and so there is probably no urgency in finishing it, but I can’t begin another project till I finish this one, that’s all there is to it.

So, having finished up the previous skein and having therefore had to complete the first sleeve on its own, I am now completing the second sleeve and counting very carefully in hopes of getting them to match.

I’m also nervous about the quantity of yarn. I always check the pattern and order what I imagine will be more than enough, but I also run out of yarn about half the time. The other half of the time, I have an extra four skeins — not enough to make another big project but too much for a small project.

In Miss Silver novels and in old knitting books, the local yarn stockist would helpfully match wools if a knitter needed a bit more and would equally helpfully take back the extra skeins if there was some left over. It’s not like that now.

So I am counting carefully and hoping there will be enough to finish the sleeve and knit up some kind of neck band, even if it’s not quite what the pattern specifies.

I’m also counting steps, though my Fitbit punked out for a couple of days, so it’s not completely clear how many steps I’ve taken. On the days that were tracked, it’s been over 5,000 and under 10,000 each day. And I’m counting the Evil 6. I am not losing pounds as quickly as I was, though I’m still losing, so I may need to be more strict to get back on track. I’m wearing smaller clothes, though they are leftover old garments from the back of my closet, so it’s not all that celebratory.

And I’m counting sleep. 8 hours most nights, but 3 or more interruptions by barking dogs, meowing cats and my husband. I’m sleep deprived.

I’m also counting work hours and productivity, and doing fairly well. I’m trying to take #1 daughter’s advice and not get stressed out by my to-do list but it’s hard.