This is my go-to nightgown pattern, Butterick 6838, made up in Robert Kaufmann Cozy Cotton flannel. This fabric is so thick and plush that it makes the perfect winter nightie.The pattern is easy and the style is pretty and comfortable.


I had cut this out last fall along with another of the same pattern in a dark Dover flannel floral. The dark floral is now so large on me that it slides off my shoulders, so I recut the yoke on this one to a smaller size. I kept the skirts and sleeves as they were, so it’s fairly voluminous, but that’s nice for cold nights.

I’ve been working on this gown in fits and starts for a week or two, and finally got it finished. I had not yet hemmed the dark gown (I know — shocking, but true), so I hemmed both the gowns yesterday while watching Netflix and chatting with #2 daughter via text. I like both the gowns very much, but this one is still too large and the other would be unwearable if I were attending a slumber party.

The experience made me aware that I need to do something about my clothing situation.

I have a couple of pairs of jeans that fit reasonable well — slouchy, but nothing wrong with that in blue jeans, right? I have a nice collection of attractive jackets, all of which are definitely too big, and some shirts from the past which fit but are out of style. I’m too old to dress in slouchy jeans and T shirts. My bras are too big, too, and I am sure that looks as odd as it feels.

Now, if I had put the same amount of time and money into clothing that I’ve been putting into my planner habit, I could have bought a cheap new pair of pants or shirt each week and I wouldn’t be in this position.

But I would probably still have a bunch of clothes that don’t fit and would be wearing cheap gear. I’m still losing weight, so I don’t want to make or buy a new wardrobe at any great investment of time or money. On the other hand, I have to wear something.

So I stopped by the fabric store and spent $1.99 on a pattern, McCall’s 7331:

m-7331 m7331

I am of course hoping that the pants will end up like the Elle pants rather than like skin-tight leggings and that the top will go together quickly. I bought plain fabrics at 40% off to make a couple of pairs of pants and a top. We’ll see how this works out.

The sermon last week used the metaphor of clothing, as the Bible often does, and I am starting a 30 Day declutter challenge tomorrow which puts cleaning out my closet on February 24. I will try to have some kind of interim wardrobe sorted out by then.