Because I buy gift making materials every year during Entry/Foyer week and don’t get all the planned gifts made, I have materials for quite a few gifts already.

I have the materials to make several duffel bags. #1 daughter was not convinced that these would make good gifts, or that I could make them, but I think I might be able to make one over a weekend. I think at least two of my recipients would like one.

I bought the materials for this scarf last year and didn’t get it knitted up. I have a specific recipient in mind for this.

I have lots of yarn and patterns for hats. I could make a hat for everyone on my list and they would all be different. Or, for speed, I could make London Beanies for everyone.

However, I ordered yarns to make these hotties. The two in the picture were some years old by the time I snapped this. I was comparing the staying power of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (blue) with that of Lion Brand Wool-Ease (gray). I made these for everyone back in 2005, so they definitely have all worn out or been lost by now. They are practical and snazzy, but don’t have to be worn. I seem to have made all of them within the October-December window of time back in 2005. I carefully chose just the right colors for everyone on my list, and I have the pattern handy. I will put the pattern and all the yarn into a giant Zip Lock bag and knit them all up along with #2 son’s sweater vest. If I have time, I can make other stuff as well.

I’m ready.