Movement for last week:

I had a yellow day: my usual Wii Fit plus a nice long walk along the walking trail, though it clearly wasn’t as long as it should have been.

I averaged just over 5,000 steps per day, or half what I should be doing. I had one yellow day, one turquoise day, no green days. It looks as though 30 minutes a day of high activity won’t do it (nor 51, which is what I had on my yellow day). I need three sessions of high activity a day to reach 10,000 steps when I spend 10 hours a day at a desk.
And that’s the other half of the equation:

I met my goals of 5 productive hours per day and 80% productivity. Still too many hours, though. And I have more work to do today.

Third item is my food journal, and I tracked 16 of 21 meals, which is not good but it is a big improvement.


I tracked lunch every day, and more than half of those days it was fish and salad. I tracked four dinners, and three of them included white rice. That’s my husband’s influence, of course. Rice is not of the Evil 6, but white rice has no nutritional value to speak of. Breakfast always includes the Evil 6, sometimes 3 at a time. If you’re to be self-indulgent, you should do so at breakfast time, I’ve always heard.

Room for improvement in all three areas.