DSCN4045 I had a meeting yesterday, a conference today and tomorrow plus a physical meeting and a phone meeting, breakfast on Wednesday and choir that evening, and a staff meeting on Friday. I’m also expecting to have another meeting at some point this week, because I doubled up on meetings.

Clearly, this is a lot of person-to-person for me.

Yesterday’s meeting was pleasant and low key. I have no particular responsibility, though I left with a design job. Today I had the chance to see some acquaintances I like and to meet some folks I’ve been wanting to meet. I plan to make an effort to meet some more people tomorrow. Networking, Success magazine says, is a discipline.

Today’s first speaker was entertaining. He confirmed some things we already knew and said some new things that were good for me to think about, and he had us do some exercises and activities, which I like. #1 daughter and I both answered questions, which I think made us immune from having to take part in role plays.

This is one of my theories. Get in there early with a question or an answer and you can control your participation. Wait, and you have to do something the speaker/leader chooses for you.

We had a nice lunch of pasta and vegetables and then came a speaker who was talking to people who want to get venture capital, build up their company, and be acquired. He had a slide for people with other ideas:

  • Create a great product.
  • Make lots of customers happy.
  • Create a satisfying job for yourself.
  • Employ other people in your community.

I forget the rest. “These are nice things,” he said, but they don’t spell success for investors. For investors, the object is to get in, make some money, and get out. Fast. Companies like ours which plan to build slowly and make a difference are “lifestyle companies.” Not a bad thing.

However, it was soon clear that he just wasn’t talking to us, so we came home and dealt with the stuff that had gathered while we were at the conferences. We’re going back tomorrow.