We continued our L.A. suburbs adventures with breakfast at Eggs and Things.

We then visited a neat bookstore. Since we are traveling by plane, I resisted all temptations.

Next up, a visit to the local air museum.

We have an air museum back home, but this one included a very informative tour guide.

We got to see planes being restored and to hear a lot of specs and details of the planes and their history.

We could get up close and personal, too.

The mannequins were rather creepy, but the exhibits of uniforms and other wartime artifacts were very interesting.

We went back to #2 daughter’s for lunch and then headed to Heritage Square.

This is a collection of historic buildings moved from various parts of town to create a simulated early Oxnard experience. The only building we could go into was a nice little coffee shop where we got to sit by the fire with our hot drinks.

Otherwise, it was a pleasant walk with placards detailing the original owners of the houses.

The buildings were all snazzy.

We did the grocery shopping next, including pastry, because it is there.

We have no patisseries where we live, so I feel free to eat as much pastry as possible while traveling. I don’t have to worry that I will get into the habit.