I just learned that the Catalan Independentistas include the Pyrenees-Orientales and Languedoc-Roussillon in their desired nation of Catalonia. Apparently Spain ceded that area to France in 1659.

Much of my family is from that region.

So I am imagining my cousins waking up one morning to find that they live in Catalonia, not France.

I guess this actually happened to the family members in Alsace, who woke up to find themselves in Germany — ummm, France — ummm, Germany.

I am also imagining myself being asked where my family is from. “France and the British Isles,” I currently say with confidence. In the future, though, I might have to say “Catalonia.” I might have to check the box saying “Hispanic.”

It’s a little unsettling. Even at my distance. My Grandmother never mentioned Catalonia. She was a Frenchwoman. what with being born after 1659.

Can you really go back centuries and take back a region? I suppose doing so would not make anyone have to change their answers on the census.