My cataract surgery is scheduled. It will be expensive, but the surgeon assured me that it will not be dangerous and will not require a lot of recovery time. Indeed, he told me I should look forward to the surgery with excitement because I’ll be able to see well when it’s finished.

The surgery will be done on the 20th. The 18th is the dedication of the new sanctuary, with big music and a special lunch. The 21st is the Grilled Cheese Party and the 22nd is Thanksgiving for the whole family plus significant others, spouses, and grandchildren. Then comes Advent. The Lessons and Carols are Advent 2, and #2 son’s graduation road trip is right after that.  Then Christmas comes on apace.

It’s like being at the top of the hill about to zoom down on a sled.

We have some big (secret) family news to add to the excitement.