What with the surgery and the holiday, I’ve been doing the Eat, Move, Sleep stuff differently. You will notice that I am hardly moving at all. Sitting on the sofa talking with people is the main thing I’ve been doing. That has been in alternation with cooking and baking. I have been eating three hearty meals a day plus an afternoon treat with tea or coffee. Or both. Why not?

So I have been doing more of the eating part and less of the moving part. I’ve also been doing more of the sleeping part whenever possible. The day of the surgery, I followed my friend’s advice and went directly to bed. By the next day I had slept for eleven and a half hours.

As the chart above shows, I usually get pretty close to my eight hour goal. Not this week. When possible, I’ve gone over that goal. I think I’ll still do that until I finish the surgery. I seriously hope I don’t continue to sleep nine hours plus after that because it worries me a little bit that I’m capable of doing that.

If I sleep past sunrise I feel like I am wasting time.

I got back to Wii Fit today. My weight? I lost .2 pounds between my surgery date and Cyber Monday. Wii Fit wants me to lose five more pounds, and maybe I will. I’ve met my goal, though.