A friend asked about the surgery yesterday. I was able to assure her that I had not experienced any pain, which was my main fear apart from the admittedly unreasonable fear of dying during the surgery.

I have the second surgery on Monday. I am not afraid of dying, because I didn’t die the first time. I am not afraid of pain, either, since that wasn’t an issue the first time.

I have only two concerns. One is that I will look terrible. It is possible that I only looked so terrible because I had such poor vision before that I didn’t realize how terrible I looked. Or that the no-make up rule made me look way worse than I expected.

I can live with that.

The other concern is that I am sleeping too much, and have been since the surgery.

Or maybe not. Actually, I slept an average of 8 hours and 15 minutes this week, and eight hours and 18 minutes last week. That includes the 11.5 hours on the day/night of the surgery. So that doesn’t seem like much to complain about.

But I have slept over 9 hours twice each week. I have felt tired, too, during the daytime. Fitbit has told me to get up at a consistent time each day next week. I plan to do that. Maybe I’ll get back on track.

But why am I sleeping late like this? Is there something wrong with me?