I went in to have the first eye checked and the second eye scheduled. I was able, with squinting and good guessing, to read the 20/20 line with my left eye.

The left eye is my near vision eye, and I can read well. The surgeon offered to give me even better close vision, or to provide some medium/far range sight with the right eye. I went with the latter option.

Monday we’ll do that.

I’m still tired. I’m not sleeping over 8 hours, because I have an alarm and work to do. But I do feel tired. I don’t know if there’s any connection between the surgery a week ago today and the fatigue or not.

Last night we went to #1 daughter and the Good Ol’ Boy’s house for his birthday dinner. We had hot roast beef sandwiches, a favorite of mine since childhood, and caramel brownies. The Baby liked the brownies a lot.

#1 son and DIL came, too. It was pleasant.