I have congenital cataracts. Until now, they haven't been in my field of vision, so it has been no big deal. Today I went to the eye doctor and learned that the cataract(s) in my left eye is growing.

They recommend surgery.

I can wait, the doctor said, till I begin to notice some change in my vision. But I think maybe I'll begin to notice changes now that I've been informed.

#1 daughter says that I should do it now if my insurance will cover it. That makes sense. I might not have insurance next year.

Are there alternatives to surgery? Googling natural cataract treatment produces lots of claims that cataracts can be reversed in the usual way — that is, with plenty of vegetables. The means of preventing most illnesses is, I have learned while blogging for medical clients, exercise and vegetables. Cataracts seem to be in this group as well.

Give up smoking, alcohol, and processed foods, and Bob's your uncle. Except that sun damaged and excessive computer use also seem to be implicated. I don't know what I can do about the light issue, but I certainly can get back on track nutritionally.

The doctor said we can revisit the question of surgery next year, but perhaps a year of leafy greens and citrus fruits will change the outlook.