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The Biopsy


I thought the biopsy would be like drawing blood. It was actually more like surgery. I was given a hospital gown and tucked into bed with an IV and Valium. The operation itself was peculiar. It involved ultrasound, numbing shots, […]

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On Insulin

I’ve been on insulin for nearly a week. My BG numbers are good, even if I eat a couple of tablespoons of ice cream. Of course, this is homemade ice cream with lots of fruit. I’ve also had banana sorbet, […]

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So I tried out the insulin. It didn’t hurt. In fact, I am not sure it actually worked, since it didn’t hurt. Shouldn’t it have hurt? However, my BG numbers were just right last night and this morning. So the […]

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We stopped working early Friday and went to check out a venue for #2 daughter’s wedding. It’s a historic building in our town. We went up to our church, too, so they could see the options there. We have good […]

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Kidney Disease

I cut my dose of Metformin in half (with the blessing of the pharmacist/diabetes educator I’ve been working with at the hospital). My A16 was down to 6.2. I began having out of range readings, but I was still in […]

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A1C 6.2%

I just got back from seeing the diabetes educator. My A1C is 6.2%. I can reduce my medication further, praise the Lord, and plan to get off it entirely next month. In order to accomplish that, I must make sure […]