The horrible dog has been waking me up at 3:30 each morning. Then I try to sleep for an hour,and then it’s too late and I have to get up and try to function on way too little sleep.


I absolutely believe all the things in this infographic. And I hate that dog.

Last night the church choir joined the master chorale for rehearsal. We have in the church choir a guy who seems to be entirely tone dead. He just vocalizes all the words of every song on a single note.

I think perhaps he has a crush on one of the altos. The two are friends and in the same writer’s group, and I imagine him thinking that he’ll get to know her better if he comes to choir with her.

The director worked with the tenors intently for a while, trying to get everyone to tune. He tried different vowels, suggested that someone was singing in the lower octave and needed to correct that, and finally added some altos, including me. “These are the voices we have to work with,” he said firmly.

It’s romantic, if I’m right in my guess, but it will not make our concert sound good.

I have been awake now for over three hours. I wrote a couple of reviews, visited my Vine queue, did Wii fit free step, had breakfast, made my bed, and checked my Facebook page, but that is not three hours’ worth of productivity. It would have been much better had I been sleeping.

I hate that dog.